Transformation Requires a Decision to Change.


I Got You, Let’s Do This!

True Identity Masters

Monthly Coaching

Cost $247 per month, cancel anytime
Suggested Commitment: A year

Coaching accelerates your path to success, helps you clarify your vision and goals, teaches you how to build self-confidence, keeps you focused, confronts your unconscious behaviors and limiting beliefs, holds you accountable to be your best, and helps you live by your values.
Each month you will receive:

  • Coaching Assignment Workbook
  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Video & Audio Teachings
  • Step-by-Step Transformation
  • Monthly Topics
    • Mind Management
    • Self Confidence
    • Finding Purpose
    • Defining Identity
    • Time Management

Enrollment for True Identity Masters is Open for 2018.

Create the Life You Want

Personalized Transformational Coaching

Minimum Five Month Commitment – 10 Sessions
Transformational Coaching Program

Commit to the Transformational coaching program that is customized to that issue that has plagued you for years.  The one thing that keeps you up at night and you believe is holding you back from being the Best Version of You! You will receive:

  • Personalized one–on-one coaching
  • Strong accountability
  • A safe empathic space to be honest with yourself
  • Tools to:
    • Identify, understand your emotions, and your thoughts
    • Manage your mind
    • Help you determine your priorities
    • Anticipate and strategically prepare for unanticipated obstacles
    • Move from functional to optimal

Schedule a Clarity Consultation call and we can talk about what you need.